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Dr. Cynthia Lynn Novak, DDS let an inexperienced and unsupervised dental assistant use a Prophy-Jet to clean a patient's teeth, before performing an Oral Examination.

Unfortunately, the dental assistant cut into the outer enamel of the patient's teeth, visibly cutting lines along the gumline. Patient reports being able to feel the missing material removed by the procedure, with their tongue, during the process.

Ms. Novak ran her dental prob into said freshly cut indentations along the affected teeth, but said nothing directly to the patient about them, other than pausing and making a 'hmm' sound. Nothing else was said about the subject, and the angry patient went home.

It didn't take long for the teeth to become discolored and subject to decay from food and bacterial acids, with the protective enamel now missing where the dental assistant lingered too long with the Prophy-Jet cleaning tool. Patient later called to schedule an appointment, to have the Dr. review the work and raise the issue of possible damage done to their teeth. Patient arrived and sat quietly to see the Doctor.

After waiting over an hour in the waiting room, nervous looking office people locked the door and a Deputy Sheriff was called in, even though the patient was sitting quietly & civilly the entire time. Then Ms. Novak then appeared, and completely dismissed the concept that the Prophy-Jet was capable of damaging enamel, or removing too much material from a patients teeth. A simple Google search clearly proves her statements wrong...

She also denied re-examining the patient, and refused to release unaltered medical records immediately when requested. All she had to do, was have her office workers xerox them. But in fact, she took two weeks to provide them (after repeated requests from our office), and clearly altered them to hide the medical mis-hap-- hoping it would help her during a malpractice lawsuit.

Avoid this "Doctor" at all costs. She clearly does not have her patient's best interests at heart...

Review about: Incopetent Doctor.



Her office staff were rude to my children during an office visit. :eek

We will NEVER go back there again!

I hope you sue her into poverty, over your mistreatment. :grin

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